The Secret of Our Souls - A Kabalistic Love Story
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“The Secrets of Our Souls – A Kabalistic Love Story a Musical playing at The Minetta Lane Theater is wonderful.
Right from the first song with eighteen talented cast members the singing and dancing is better than anything on Broadway right now.
 Arts & Leisure News Service..Reviewer  Theater Editor: Joyce Hauser, Ph.D.

“The standout show of the Jewish shows at the Fringe Festival...beautiful and lively songs.”
..Yediot Aharonot...reviewer Michal Daniel

“There’s a Baal Shem Tov who rocks out like he owns the crowd. 
Goldstein has written a surprisingly unique play that should soon be seen by a larger audience….
“The Secret of Our Souls: A Kabalistic Love Story,” is a daring play on one of the most famous Jews of all time”
....NY Blueprint..Reviewer Alan Zeitlin

…”the songs are generally delightful, with many tunes and lyrics that stick in your mind and make you start humming:
"It's Hard to Be a Jew", "I'll Be With You", "Secret of our Souls", "A Thief Like Me", "What Could it Hurt", etc. 
Go to this show if you want to see some good actors in spiritual roles and get enlightened a bit.” 
reviewed by Saviana Stanescu 8/15/09


    I happily attended yesterday’s performance of THE SECRET OF OUR SOULS at the Minetta Lane. 
    I appreciated all the hard work that went into the presentation and found the handling of the fine orchestra
and rich musical arrangements a particular pleasure.  John Lopez and Aaron Schroeder both delivered some
truly excellent vocals, making “Wings of a Dove”  and the “Kol Elokainu” especially memorable moments for me –
as were the strong and stirring choral sounds at the ends of both acts.
    I was so glad to be there on behalf of The Public -- to have the opportunity to hear your and Philip Namanworth’s
fine, atmospheric and entertaining score – and to share in the story of the Baal Shem Tov.
    Thanks again for the invitation to attend – and best of luck with this and all your future endeavors.

Mike Cohen
Office of the Music Theater Initiative
The Public Theater

The young Baal Shem Tov and Chana were quite wonderful – Zev Guber – Producer Golda’s Balcony

"the best jewish themed musical since 'fiddler'... the 3 of us absolutely adored it....i cried a few times...
Ronnie Vance – Former Pres. Geffen Music, and Interscope Music.

I was deeply touched by your beautiful show. I can't tell you how inspired I thought it ALL was.  
The book, the songs, the performers, the acting, the music, all of it. – Peter Fish Music Producer

Wonderful performance. I love Chana -- what a voice!  Simply angelic. Satan was especially good... a deliciously evil Satan, a good actor.
As was Grabowski -- he had a Dr Evil quality to him.  (I assume it was supposed to be a bit comical.)
He was great. – Andy Bloom 

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Posted by Eric on Thu, Aug 20, at 12:34am **** (four stars)
Overall it was a very entertaining feel good show with great lines and music which cleverly and accurately portrayed
a complicated man in a very complicated period of history. Everyone I came with loved the show

Posted by Greg Ottmar on Wed, Aug 19, at 11:30pm - **** (four stars)
Thought it was great!! Funny, moving, beautiful voices!